F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 classic, The Great Gatsby  was set on "that slender riotous island" otherwise known as Long Island. Join us on a boat tour of the bay that ignited Fitzgerald's imagination and become familiar with the peninsulas of West Egg (King's Point) and East Egg (Sand's Point). 

Yacht clubs founded before the turn of the 20th century grace the harbor and continue Port Washington's yachting tradition. The homes of such legendary businessmen as Carl Fisher and John Hay (Jock) Whitney stand as they did in the days of the Prohibition. Try to envision where Gatsby's mansion might have stood and exchange stories of "the roaring twenties" on Long Island - a microcosm of the U.S.'s pre-WWII revolution in manners and morals. 

This 90-minute tour of Manhasset Bay and Long Island Sound is $35. We limit the number of children's tickets. Please call 917-941-4504 for more information.

Payne Whitney built this stone-front and timber 14-room boathouse for his son John Hay "Jock" Whitney circa 1928. Cars, boats, his seaplane and trophies were housed here.

2017 Dates - Please book online
While we have the monthly calendar slated, please do NOT buy tickets just yet. We will know by the second week of April if the Tour will go during the 2017 season. If it does not, those of you who have already purchased tickets will receive a refund.

The tours board at the appointed hour (see below).
All are Saturdays, unless otherwise indicated. It is approximately 2 hours duration from boarding to disembarking. Please arrive 10 minutes early.

April 29 - 10 am to noon Private Tour
April 29 - noon to 2 pm - Open
April 29 - 4 to 6 pm - Private Tour
May 27 - noon to 2 pm
June 10 - noon to 2 pm
July 22 - noon to 2 pm
Tuesday, August 8 - 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Aug 12 - noon to 2 pm
Sept 9 - noon to 2 pm

See our Facebook page for updates. Please purchase tickets online via Ticketleap.